E Tanaka
projects, artwork, etc. tanaka is a multi-disciplinary creative based & raised in the Bay Area, CA. currently spending their time tattooing, hosting workshops, painting, coding, sewing, & gardening.
reach out for private crafting workshops, handpoke tattoos, or design/illustration opportunities!

LNY 2023 Dress-Up

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Lounging Series

2022 - july 2024

Series of illustrations from a life drawing session done in 2022 with 2bornot2b, redrawn and formatted for prints available at my INPRNT shop. Will later do a run of glicee prints, put happy with leaving it where it is now

tokyo turnip

april 2024
tokyo turnip in prismacolor pencils and watercolor

tokyo turnip, two color riso print

Different iterations of an anthropomorphized Tokyo Turnip. Original done with a mix of watercolor and prismacolor pencil, and converted to a RISO print available on my gumroad shop!

Embroidery Adventures

Recently I have been embroidering with more dedication, incorporating them into jewelry in place of jewels (i.e. rivoli settings and earrings) 
I started adding decoration to hand-sewn pouches:
cat embroidered on hand-sewn black canvas pouch with vintage zipper, lined with black sateen
plant person embroidered on hand-sewn canvas pouch with vintage zipper, lined with japanese cotton
persimmon embroidered necklace
watermelon-embroidered earring, persimmon-embroidered necklace

life drawing sessions


cabaret couture drawing session 2022-3?
added color and flowers to 2bornot2b hair session 2022
marker 2bornot2b 2021
2bornot2b marker 2021
2bornot2b marker and ink 2021
ink, elsc 2021
gouache, elsc 2020

Sessions started in the pandemic, ranging from guoache, marker, ink, and ipad

femme flowers

2010 - present
zz-plant converted to a vinyl sticker!
recyclable trio of flowerhead stickers

An exploration of flowers and the feminine form. Ranging from themes of objectification and growth, early iterations involved plucking and violence, now they tend to strive towards the sun and celebration of the body

life painting


Oil paintings done at SFSU over studio classes.

anthropomorphised food


Concepting smiling strawberries, dumplings, onigiri, etc

Drawings from Portraits